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Quality Pharma offers method- and operational support for a sound and safe use of drugs.

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We believe that a high-quality drug treatment provides better health and quality of life and that IT is well suited to support drug treatment decisions.

With operations since 2006 and programs for both the public, the municipality and county councils, we can provide a well-functioning chain for information on medicines from patient to doctor and pharmacist.

MiniQ facilitates the work through easy handling, quick analysis and easy-to-understand presentation of the quality of drug use. miniQ signals for risks in drug use.

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QP IVA 100-lista 2019

miniQ receives award from IVA’s Research4­business (In Swedish)


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Using EMR-enabled computerized decision support systems to reduce prescribing of potentially inappropriate medications: a narrative review


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Impact on process results of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) applied to medication use: overview of systematic reviews


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Nurses’ use of computerised decision support systems affects drug monitoring in nursing homes


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We support our customers in improving their patients’ health and quality of life with our software based CDSS.