Technology & Platform

User-friendly tools for care-givers and patients

The miniQ system consists of three different applications developed with a focus on user-friendliness, to ensure wide range of usage, for patients, physicians, nurses and pharmacists / clinical pharmacologists. The miniQ system provides a comprehensive analysis of quality and safety of drug use, based on national and international criteria/indicators and other pharmacological sources, and is easily integrated with Electronic Health Records.

The miniQ innovation has clear advantages compared to other CDSS:

  • Power: analysis algorithms comprising both drug and diagnosis specific criteria/indicators, as well as assessment of potential adverse drug reactions based on patient’s symptoms;
  • Flexibility: possibility to load different sets of criteria/indicators, for different countries, diagnostic areas or patient groups;
  • Versatility: modules for physicians, nurses, patients and pharmacists/clinical pharmacologists.
  • Functionality for both data capture, decision support and statistics/reports;
  • Deployment: the web-based nature of the miniQ system makes it easy to scale up to more users and to launch updates